Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall.....

I was super pleased with the below ensemble. I felt sassy and I really like to feel sassy, so you can imagine I prissed around  all day at work :) I got the idea to put green and purple together from those green capris with the purple and yellow pinstripes. The colorful necklace and the brooch added just the right amount flair. I also love how those shoes match the skirt - exactly. The duster hid the fact the skirt is a little snug around my hips - still a little larger than desired. One thing I have learned since I started blogging is to accentuate what you have. The clothes you choose can give the illusion that the body is perfect. So I don't understand why a woman with nice legs but a pooch in her belly would wear an outfit that draws the eye to the pooch instead of trying the eye to her legs. Is it because the mirror gives a false imagine? I do believe the mirror will not always reveal what the world see but what your mind sees. For instance, a woman who has been overweight her entire life and then loses weight - still sees the overweight body that no one else can see. The mirror reveals the same old thin Stacey most of the time (clothed that is) :)
What does the mirror tell you?

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