Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sleep Crazy

Been another crazy week of me just being too darn tired to do anything but come home from work and sleep. I have been so tired that it is not funny.
 I was off yesterday going with my mother to go with her to cancer doctor appointment  - she seems to not have cancer but they did see a few spots on her lungs and want her to get a pet scan but the doctor does not believe she is in any danger. He does believe she is taking too much medication, which I totally agree with. I still continue to eat badly and shy away from wearing the below pants and they feel a little snug :(

I did get my table and took me forever to find a home for it and finally settled for the below and LOVE it - I have discovered that I cannot stand things on the floor and now this clears up space on my counter top too - so I get a good vibe now from the room - I moved the freezer to the other side of the fridge and put my table in it's place - I still have a shelf to modify and hang above and then will move my cookbooks to above the table but I am really smitten with it..

My next hunt is for a bakers rack like the one I found on DIY  below -
I want to put this baker's rack in place of the stereo stand I am using as my sort of baker's rack below

How is your week going so far?

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