Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This Week's Smiles

This week's smile consist of my obsession with nesting the house:
Mr. Man found the coolest glass bottles practically in our back yard, along the wood line outside of our fence, I had no idea that Clorox Bleach ever came in bottles - so we looked this one up it's probably around 1959.

We aren't sure about this one - but I suspect it's the same - we just couldn't find the exact replica - the closest was a Moonshine A&W root beer but wasn't quite the same - do you know?

I moved some pictures around and it made a huge difference in the way the rooms feel

Below are my Goodwill and Thrift finds me and Kristine found last Friday on our lunch break. This trunk is my precious... I absolutely LOVE it and only paid $15 - still thinking of it's final home in the house but leaning towards the laundry - putting a stamped burlap skirt around my folding table and this peeking out..Or I could put in my dining room as I have been thinking about putting my new sewing machine table that I should get this weekend in the corner by the hutch in my dining room and putting that shelf above it and possible putting my cookbooks - ideas..ideas...

I love, love, love beverage containers....

This is a cutie for only $0.99

So I thought this was an old milk bottle but both Kristine and Mr. Man think it's a newbie - oh, well, it's a cool newbie in my book

OHHH, this is my other precious - isn't this so fun? I love it and the best part it's from California (my dream state)

Well, the below is yellow  - which is my favorite color besides orange :)

My new rug in the foyer to replace the other one the Gizmo dug up - excuse the muddy paws on the floors it was raining, should have mopped before I shared with you <shrug shoulders>

Hope you are having plenty to smile about this week!!

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