Monday, February 3, 2014


Well I have been off for the past week enjoying the seven days of Stacey's b-day. I have a fabulous b-day dinner below and for my b-day my son got me a day at the spa. It was heavenly...

My g-ma's cheesecake - the most delicious thing from an oven :)

My beautiful daughter

My grandmother

my son, Randall

Gremlin :)

Me getting ready to enjoy said cheesecake and below :)

My daughter got me Pioneer Woman's latest cook book :)

I wanted a new tree but funds didn't allow - my grandmother watched this tree and got it for my b-day - I will have a gorgeous tree next year :)

My mother got me a gown, house shoes, and in remembrance of my old tree - a Charlie Brown Christmas tree LOL

Gremlin, my daughter, me, and my son

Jaxen looking at the camera this time :)

Jaxen, Shelley (my daughter), and Randall (my son)

Shaun (son-in-law), Jaxen, and Shelley

  4 generations - Shelley, me, my mother, and my grandmother

Jaxen, Shaun, David, Johnny (my step-father), and Randall

putting my Christmas present the tripod to good use - the whole gang :)

My grandmother also got me this cool gravy boat :)

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  1. What a lucky woman you are. You have a fabulous family.