Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Smiles for this Week


This weeks smiles:

My new rug replacing the one Gizmo dug through, found it at JCP Love the colors and that I actually measured before I bought and it is perfect size for the space.  Both dogs seem to mirror my appreciation ah and now the wonderful Gizmo will demonstrate for you the proper use of the new rug...

The next pictures are of my newly painted and organized laundry room/closet - the color was an Oops paint I bought at Lowes - Valspar Roasted Chestnut - it has grown on me - I decided to live with it as I horrified when it was first going on (my washer and dryer glowed against it) it was only $10 - I would love to get a burlap skirt with writing on it to go around this kitchen table that I use for a folding table

It was more organized but I have space heaters stored in there as my unit went out yesterday - oh boy what a day it was but that is for another post since this post is about smiles :)

Above the washer I want to put a rustic shelf and found some cute things for said shelf at Target - below is picture of the new table I bought and the guy made me a shelf just like it - I am torn between hanging the shelf in my laundry room or in my kitchen for my cookbooks - I found the below at my cousins' store University Pickers  - and my cousin in coming to Tn next weekend and offered to bring the table and the shelf to me - I cannot wait. Funny, my daughter took one look at and asked if I planned to paint the top of it or something? HA!! Youngsters!! :) That is the coolest thing below!!

 So this is what I meant about laundry room/closet - my house is small and storage and closet space non-existent (plus I have a lot of clothes) but I was looking at my laundry room pictures on and some people purposely do this - of course their version of a closet and mine are on different spectrums of cost but hey, work with what ya got, right?

Have you done any projects? Hope your week is going well.

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