Monday, February 17, 2014

Contraindicating Behaviour

Had a pretty decent weekend - got to keep Gremlin while his mommy and daddy went to dinner for a few hours. She only called once and texted me once - this was her first time leaving him (besides day care). She looked so pretty too, I will share the pic of them on Wednesday smiles :) Yesterday I hit the Greenway - much needed since all I have been a sweet eating machine the past week. Every time I say I am going to get serious about my weight loss - I act like my goal is to GAIN - SMH I have no idea why I have contraindicating behavior - same with being broke - I get my income tax - state that I am not going to spend it all on bills and put some back - that is not happened. I think I need to focus on my goals and get better self-disciplined. How do you stay on task?

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