Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This Week Smiles

My daughter sends me a picture every day - and the little gremlin is source of huge smiles for me. I can't help myself but grin when I look at him.

This made me smile because it is so true.....

I am getting excited about the prospect of getting a new car - now I prefer a SUV but I am thinking that I won't be getting that much money from the wreck so I have changed  research to more affordable but I haven't been excited about anything except these two - the Spark and the Sonic - I think they are so unique with the how the back door handles are at the top - I absolutely love this lemonade color with the yellow interior - although not sure I will like going from a big truck something this tiny - but appeals to my novel side..

I envision this brightening my morning...

I like the Sonic too and they have this orange color and I just learned they also have a mocha chocolate - which I prefer...

Hope you have plenty to smile about this week :)

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