Thursday, August 15, 2013

Definition of Beauty

Yesterday I got the pleasure of working from home on the most beautiful, windows open, kinda day. The air is cool and feels like fall, it's only going to be here a few days but I love it. I am disappointed that they are calling for rain this weekend. SMH. I have a hair appointment this Saturday, I am so pleased that for the first time in my life I can feel my  hair touching my shoulders. I have NEVER been able to grow hair and I am sooooo happy that I have it for once. I also really like how the sun and chlorine bleach my hair out - I love the sun-kissed look. I feel so much prettier with blonde hair and a suntan.  As a child, I always wanted blonde hair and blue eyes and a large chest, that has always been the definition of beauty for me and still is but I also think beauty is something that makes you stand out. For instance, a pretty smile, a contagious personality, or marvelous fashion sense would be something that makes you stand out and beautiful.
 As children, every summer my brothers and I lived at the swimming pool. We were there from the time it opened until it closed, seven days a week. So of course, the life guards knew us by name, and the summer I was about ten, the lifeguard crush that year, said something to me that at 42 I remember like it was yesterday. I had climbed up the ladder where he was sitting and I could see my reflection in his mirrored sunglasses and he told that one day I would be famous for my beautiful smile. That was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me and even now one my blogger friend's Judy has also complimented me on my smile. I think we should give each other more compliments and that each of us are beautiful in our own way. We need to embrace our assets and compliment others.
What about you? What makes you feel pretty? What is your definition of beauty?

Here is my beloved suntan....:)

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