Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Week Smiles.....

My biggest smiles are from my daughter and Gremlin - The biggest one this week courtesy of my daughter is when decided I didn't want to be called Me-Me and suggested some other names to my daughter, like Nona and Oma to which she promptly reminded me that we were not Italian or German. She then advised me I had two choices, grandma or nana. I said ok, grandma. She says in her Grumpy Cat voice, nope, you took too long and since you were indecisive I have chosen for you. She says in this gleeful sing-song voice Grand-na-nana-na. I had tears running down my face as she said that over and over like a song :)

Of course, FaceBook always gives me Something to smile about:

I smile at my new shower head - last week at 5 am turned on the old shower head and water shot all over my bathroom - I called Mr Man in to remedy the situation. After assessing the situation, he goes out to the garage and returns with wire ties in hand. He then proceeds to take a wash cloth and ties it around the shower head with wire ties so I could shower before work. Classy, no? Should have taken a picture of THAT and sent in to DIY :)

I smile thinking about me and my daughter doing this together with  Gremlin and creating stepping stones for both our yards - keeping fingers crossed she and her husband get preapproved to buy a house  for next year :)

The next two are just ones that made me smile this week courtesy of Face Book :)

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