Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This Week's Smiles....

This weeks smiles begin with Gremlin - I was trying to get a picture of him smiling almost got him in the pic below - the first time he smiled at me it brought a tear to my eyes :)

He is trying to talk to his mama - he really tries to imitate the "Coo" and to watch him slowly curl his lips is adorable

This one is my favorite - he is so serious :)

I was really bummed out thinking the cats had run off my hummingbirds - I have only seen one this year but I saw another one so I moved this nice feeder that my daughter gave me for my birthday up front - and guess what I saw last night... a hummingbird taking a drink HUGE SMILE :)

My yellow rose bush has done well this year...

I think it's neat how these purple flowers show up at the end of the season :)

This cat had another litter of kittens before we could get her fixed - I smile to keep from crying - 9 cats at the moment SMH - wanna kitten?

Old man getting a few minutes break from Gizmo - he looks so sad pleading and asking why we got that horrible little dog HAH!

This was my dinner last night- Mr Man knows I adore potatoes (cooked any way really) but LOVE, LOVE fried potatoes with onions and of course, I also adore bread (garlic toast is always a hit with this girl) :)

This are my new favorite shorts - my grandmother got them for me and I smile because I would have never bought them for myself but I absolutely love them  - I feel so thin and modern in them - gonna be seeing them ALOT :)

Hope you are having a great week and have an abundance of smiles :)

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