Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pink with a Tan

I am still behind on my pictures but I have been wearing more pink lately. Not on purpose because as you know I wear my clothes in the order they are hanging in the closet as long as I have lingerie to match underneath and I do not repeat the same shoes two days in a row. Having said that, I must say that I really think pink goes wonderfully with sun kissed skin. I saw a blonde-headed woman last week wearing this color scrubs and it looked amazing on her. I think pink and blonde hair go very well together too. I am not really picky about what colors I can or will wear but I did hear a comment once from a red-headed lady that she could not wear that color (I can't remember what it was) because of her red hair. Do you think certain colors do not mesh with your skin-tone/hair color? What colors do you think look FAB on you? I also think yellow and orange look good on me too - but they also happen to be my favorite colors :) Pink is okay but it was never a favorite - too girly - but hot pink -mmmm - maybe....

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