Monday, August 12, 2013


I really struggled last week coming off vacation - I was so tired that I just literally died when I got home from work, Friday I was fighting to keep my eyes open on my drive home from work. I am blaming this on adding iron pills to my regime. I went to the doctor to see if I was in menopause because I had urges to kill people (B6 helped with that), my cycle visits me twice a month instead once and I am freezing during that time because I am in need of a transfusion, and I also seem to get confused about where I am when driving down the road - missed my exit a couple of times (the one I have taken for 15 years in a row). Doctor calls with lab results and they say my hormone levels are normal but are concerned about my extremely low levels of iron and want me to start taking it for a year. I have been taking it for a week and feel more tired than I have EVER felt and really grouchy. I talked an RN today and she said I may need some vitamin c that my body may not be absorbing the iron. I think I am going to stop taking straight iron and get a multi-vitamin with iron in it and see if that helps. Any of you have similar issues?
Other than that horrendous eye shadow and my bra strap sticking out, I like the below outfit. I absolutely love that necklace that I scored at Target for $7 :)  I will make sure that the next time I wear this blouse  - I put a tank top underneath. How was your weekend? Have a great week!!

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