Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy, Grumpy, Tired

I have definitely not been a ray of sunshine lately. I feel so busy at work and at  home, I'm grumpy, and I'm tired. AND apparently a whiner :) The stress of having one vehicle and the financial strain are starting to get to me. I got so upset about the bill collectors Sunday morning that I skipped church and was planning on wallowing in my misery, much like I did Saturday after getting hair cut. I was sitting in the sunshine on the patio feeling happily miserable and then I decided instead to go the Greenway and I ran and cried and talked to God and emerged much happier and at  more peace than when I went in. The first sprint I actually ran for 2.46 minutes, I have only EVER been able to do a minute then I walk and catch my breath and sprint again. I am able to force myself to run 2 minutes but much slower and I was disappointed in my time at the end of the 5.2 miles but, I was drenched (which NEVER happens) and I felt FABULOUS!! For me, exercise and God help me battle depression but sometimes that's not even enough and I sink so low that I stay in bed all weekend, it's been awhile since I let myself get that deep. To add to the depression, my brother, Bradley's son lost his mother and my mother lost her sister-in-law. My mother came over yesterday and borrowed some clothes to wear. It is very flattering that she comes to be for advise on clothes - she is not as interested in clothes as she is decorating. She, my brother, Jeff, and my aunt are terrific decorators with remarkable creativity and taste, they can make something from nothing. I am not so creative :)
What about you? What helps you stave off depression? Are you more into decorating or clothes?


  1. Depression is a killer. I know. Been battling it my whole life. One thing that helps me is planning something. Having something to look forward to. As for clothes vs. decor, I take turns. I enjoy both.

    1. :) I can't wait to see the finished product of your new projects on the house!!