Friday, August 23, 2013

Name Brands

This is my absolute favorite skirt and it's a Dry Clean Only - well....I washed it last night and hung it up to dry - and I think it fared well :) This the color of the trousers that I have been wanting for almost two years but still haven't found - I found this skirt at Ross's. The waist is a little big and when I walk the skirt shifts around on my waist to the point the front is in the back so I have to twist it back around. The name brand is Calvin Klein - but I must be honest - I'm not a name hound - I don't really seek out name brand stuff. I have two coach purses in my life and they were both gifts, my grandma did score those Prada shoes at Salvation Army but other than that I have all kinds of clothes and couldn't tell you half the brands. Except in tennis shoes - I prefer Nike. Do you have a favorite brand?

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