Tuesday, March 25, 2014


For March - it sure is cold and me no likey. I am such a summer time girl at heart. My daughter took my grandson to meet the Easter Bunny - he as not impressed at all and my daughter had to get in the picture and she said Jaxen wouldn't even look at the Easter Bunny except to give him dirty looks. I thought that was so cute. I must say I am glad all those days are over for me, I don't think I have the energy left to juggle all of that over again. I start school on April 1 officially, I am both excited and nervous - I have to be careful and not complain to Mr. Man how tired I am while I'm doing this...
I still have decorating the house on my mind - we shall see if that leaves me while I am school. How is your week going so far? Hope it's going well!

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