Thursday, March 13, 2014


So Old Man winter is making his presence known for a few days...doesn't matter - my house looks like spring and I have been enjoying left over grilled burgers and dogs for dinner - soooo if it looks and tastes like Spring - well then I declare it Spring :) So you know in the winter I start nesting and I haven't gotten over, I want to paint my kitchen cabinets and change the hardware to some vintage latches or some places refer to the old icebox latches. If only I could get my bills under control or actually be able to pay them all and have some disposal income.....I suppose if I really get disciplined, which I seem to not have any, hence, I haven't lost weight. It's like I don't think I have to put any effort into, if I want it, then it should be so. I dug out my Dave Ramsey Financial Peace, but I can't for the life of me figure out how I'm going to pay one bill off then use that money to pay others... It would be nice to get to a spot that all I had was my house payment and everything else I paid cash or saved until I could pay cash....Perhaps my biggest area of improvement is my discipline and doing what I say I am going to, which reminds me, I went out and looked at entry level accounting positions....I would have to take a huge pay cut...I guess I could try to plan for that too. Geez, doesn't anything come easy? Don't they know who I am? LOL
I absolutely love the blouse below and think that it pair nicely with those capris my gma got me over the summer. Ahhh, can't wait for summer either :) How is your week going so far? Are you disciplined?

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