Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This Week's Smiles

My smiles this week mainly come from the kitchen and praying....
My very first batch of homemade chocolate chips cookies - I used the recipe off the semi-sweet chocolate package - that were not as sweet as I like them but I have managed to polish them off. Of course I am still smiling about my table too..

I also made Pork-chops-in-sweet-chili-and-onion sauce and creamy cilantro potato salad, I forgot to get picture  - I absolutely LOVED the potato salad. I had to omit the celery and bell pepper but I still found it amazing.

And then I made Homemade Hot Chocolate.

I am also contemplating going back to school, I was walking on the Greenway Saturday, crazy weather here in TN gorgeous walking weather Saturday and ice storm on Monday but anyways, I was praying and walking and thinking about my finances and people being let go at work and then the thought hit me, why don't I go back and get an accounting degree to go with my MBA? I liked accounting and I was good at it. So my company partners with Devry and I called them up - and to my surprise - accounting has two different tracks. One track to prepare for CPA which is what I thought I wanted and the other track to be a fraud auditor - now fraud is the huge buzzword in the industry I work. Soooo, I am still waiting for UOP to call me back and need to look over the material Devry sent me and make a decision. Devry has a class that starts May 5. Haven't heard much about Devry, have you?


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