Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Week's Smile

This is my wonderful Saturday adventure at my aunt's late MIL house, we all called her Granny. The house is full of her love and antiques and handmade things - below was on the front porch

These are the brick floors that I have loved since I was small child and would love to have in my home

This beautiful pie safe

check out her collection of bottles - some them had dates back in the 1800's

The wooden things with the churners are old timey butter molds...

Old coffee grinder..

Antique clock...

Rustic end table..

This was her fireplace - it had an arm in there that she used to hang a pot of beans on and cook over the fire - cool uh?

Another pie safe

cool end table

copper cauldron - never seen one of them before

Pa-Paw built this house and the cabinets were built by him as well - I love, love

This is the neatest looking kitchen...

The fireplace has an insert cool uh?

more of the kitchen

other side of the room in the kitchen

I love these cabinets

Here is the outside..

another cool clock..

more of her bottle collection..

This cool sign was found there and now is in my home..

I also found a couple of jars that match the ones Mr. Man found in the woods - look FAB on my laundry shelf

old iron...

another old iron..

This is the shelf my friend Kristine gave me - still deciding if I want to paint it another color - Mr. Man and I discussed a metallic pewter...

Here is the end table and stool I made into a shelf  and the book holder that I got from Granny's

I also got an original Raggedy Andy that I don't have pictured. How is your week going so far? I enrolled to get my Masters in Accounting - hope I am doing the right thing....

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