Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Forward

Since I needed some uplifting I decided to change my house over to spring this past weekend, 2 weeks early - I am really stepping out of my routines :) I love how the sun comes into my living room so I switched out with the yellow sheers I had purchased for my laundry room but the colors were not right. Pure peace in that room again..

Mr. Man got my new "shelf" hung  - I love this...

The only thing is that I don't really have any curtains for my above the sink and a bummer thing happened when I was trying to take down the curtain - the lights swing into each other a big junk came out the very far right one but it's on the side facing the window so I can wait a little while to come up with the money to replace... I think we should paint the cabinets a brownish cream on top and gray on the bottom, what do you think?

I hung up Mr. Man's late mother's sheers in the dining room  you can't really tell with that beautiful sunshine coming in :)

Spring bathroom ensemble  - my mother gave these towels and not sure I like them with the shower curtain but gonna live with it for a week and see how I feel..

Guest bedroom bathed in orange and sunlight - bliss..

Here is the living room at night - you can see the yellow better - still so peaceful in there I really want to get rid of that table that my cell phone is on -

It's very dated I would like to replace it with something like this...

Here is my bedroom...nice and fresh and clean feeling

Got my shelf hung up on the laundry room - not all that pleased with what I had to put on it.. going to be on the hunt for some vintage laundry d├ęcor :)

How did you spring forward? Hope you have a great week :)

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