Thursday, October 11, 2012

Strike a Pose

<giggle> This is me striking a pose :) So Mr Man is a keeper because he can sure make me laugh. So I'm sitting at my desk perusing through my e-mail and I get a text. Well, it's a picture of his pretty blue eye saying I"m watching you. I really did laugh out loud :)  He also better be careful the more I drive Goliath, the more I likey :) I really love the colors of this blouse but I hate the sleeves, as you can see I have them rolled up. This week is really pass by quickly - no complaints here. Still waiting on the decision from GAP - I have resigned myself to continue making the car payments on the totalled and gone vehicle; however, on the bright side only 11 more payments and that baby is mine....or well.... it will show paid on my pitiful credit report. Who invented the credit report system anyways...BAH HUMBUG LOL one more day.....

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