Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hat Envy

The weather is a changing and that brings scarf weather. You know something I have been wanting to incorporate but haven't been able to because it's out of my comfort zone? Hats!! Those cool retro hats like the women wore in the 50's, like this one found above at Whenever I try a hat on, it's either itchy or I get hot and what a mess it makes of my hair - talk about flattening and straightening it out <scrunch nose>. I have whole bunch of scarves now and tis the season....

The capri below have a yellow and purple pin stripe so it as easy to pair this scarf. This scarf is my second favorite that I own and I am starting to get an impressive collection, if I do say so myself :). Today is my first day driving Goliath :( I officially do not have a car of my own now.....

1 comment:

  1. That scarf would be a favorite of mine too. I love the colors.