Monday, October 28, 2013

Another One....

This weekend was much like last weekend, ruined by a letter from an attorney. Well, you know I settled for the small amount of money in my car wreck because I was drowning financially, but David's is still pending as he has not been released by the doctor. Well, his attorney sent him a letter asking if he wanted to add me as a defendant to his lawsuit as the girl that hit me  is contending that I crossed over initially and swerved back in my lane which is why she come into my lane and hit me. That is an outright lie, I was nowhere near her, she missed the curve and came at me. The police report cited she was at fault and she got a citation. I am confused that that her allegations are just now coming out. If I had known she was going to lie, I would not have settled my case. I understand that she is young, 17 at the time of the wreck, and who knows maybe her parents are abusive but a lie is a lie. The fact is that she was driving too fast on wet roads, and most likely a road she had not travelled, with the music blaring and lost control of her vehicle and missed the curve. I had not even started the curve, David says, "They're not going to make it", I hit my brakes and straightened my arms and then I don't remember impact but then felt my vehicle rocking back and forth, because she pushed me about 30 - 50 feet and the passenger side tires were digging into the ground as she was getting ready to push me over but a tree stopped us. All of this just out of sight of my driveway. I am appalled that someone can just blatantly lie and that I then have to defend myself. She would have had that wreck regardless if I was there or not, just so happens I was there, and I believe I saved her and her friends lives. So this little girl ruined my life for the past year - I almost went under financially because of the wreck and she is not finished with me. Where is the fairness in that? Why can't she just tell the truth and take the consequences? If her parents are abusive, she should call the police, not continue to impact my life. Why can't this be like on TV and there be a video footage of the wreck? I am so angry and hurt by this whole ordeal. I thought it was finally over, seems I was wrong, looks like it's just beginning.


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