Monday, October 21, 2013

Financial Roller Coaster

I was really feeling good about my finances - I had paid off some cash advances, got my student loans in forbearance, worked with my mortgage company to get assistance to lower my mortgage to a more manageable payment, got an affordable car to lower my gas bill from $800 a month to $200, then Mr. Man brings in Saturday's mail. An attorney sent me a letter offering bankruptcy to begin as they found where my local hospital has started the proceedings to either sue me or garnish my wages. I dug through all my bills that I had to put on hold and found one for them that is now around $300, I had already paid $250 before my financial wall came tumbling down. I have spent the whole weekend stressing about it - but all I can do is call the place that I was making payments up until March and see if I can just pay it off and hope this is the bill that they are talking about. I will have to move the remaining money I had put in savings but I do not want to be garnished in fear of losing my job. I thought I was on the upward hill to recovery but now I wonder what other bills are lurking that I have forgotten about, maybe I should file bankruptcy. I have never really believed in it as I want to pay my bills and I feel good about myself when I can pay all of them. I know one thing, I am going to start paying better attention the mail - I think I just went through such a slump that I gave up for as short time. I do not believe that God opened all of these doors to just collapse all around me - I am going to keep the faith and ask that you pray for me as well. The weather was gorgeous yesterday and I went to the Greenway after church and talked to God and got some peace but I will be calling first thing this morning to see if I can handle this bill.

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