Thursday, October 10, 2013

Favorite Way

This is one my all time favorite dresses that I own. I am starting to get into my repeat clothes so trying to wear them differently the second time this year. It is hard for me to change up a dress like this. I love these shoes with this dress and cannot think how I could make this dress look different. Well I need to add some red heels to my closet - I could wear the red with it or maybe some purple shoes and try to pull more of the purple out of this dress with the fab brooch I got on e-bay. I will have to try that if I end up wearing this dress twice in a year  - of course this is my favorite way to wear this dress. I bought this dress from JCP and the shoes from Kohls. They are also my favorite shoes :) We have one more day to the weekend :) My brother and his fiancé are coming in from Atlanta so Mr. Man and I will be joining them for dinner. I love getting to see my brothers - they both live out of state. Hope you have a wonderful day - the weather here in TN is absolutely gorgeous!!

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