Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Comfy Splash of Color

It was a really busy and wonderful weekend for me this past weekend. Friday night I went to see my grandson - he brings so much joy to me when he flashes that smile that now has to little toothers at the bottom. The biggest news I want to share with you is that I finally got a car!! No more driving Goliath and spending $800 a month - I got a little Chevy Cruze and to my surprise a brand new one 2014 that has 12 miles on it. God really pushed that one through - I had decided that I could not afford it but my brother called and he suggested that I try to get my student loans on deferment until the truck is paid off (just a little over a year) and that frees up some money. He is a genius. Which by the way, he was in town with his family and I got eat dinner with them Saturday night at  new restaurant in town, Texas Roadhouse. If you are a steak lover, you NEED to eat there, the steak melted in my mouth and had the best flavor and it was reasonably priced. Sunday was not the most joyous after church went with Mr. Man to the funeral home to be with his best friend and their family to mourn the loss of the best friend's sister, she was only 40 and the loss was not expected. Adding them to my prayers and also my co-worker who is having brain surgery again tomorrow because the cancer returned. How was your weekend?
I love, love this purple tee I found at Target I think it adds just enough splash of color, not to mention, comfy :)

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