Friday, October 11, 2013

Sad Last Appearance

I am very sad to say that this yellow tank got tangled up with the sheets in the wash and did something funky with one of the strings - so this may be the last appearance. This is part of the week before Labor Day that I was trying to wear all the white while I could. I ended up zipping the little jacket and it looked better but an just an overall "ok" on this one. I am very glad this is Friday, I am exhausted - I struggled to complete a project for my biggest account just bestowed on me. I was frustrated trying to figure out what I should do, what tools I needed, and I really didn't think I should be doing this. Once I got over it and stopped mumbling and grumbling and embraced I was going to HAVE to learn it and own it if it was going to get done. So I pieced together information from three different departments and I'm proud to say I owned it and conquered it but not without the price of complete brain drain. Hope today is an easy and quick day. How has your week been? Hope you have great weekend :)

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