Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Horror Galore

Another weekend has passed but I had a really good weekend. Saturday, I had my friends over for dinner and everything turned out perfectly and my friend Kristine let me borrow a card game called Cards Against Humanity. It was very funny. I will share pics on Wednesday of the food with the respective recipes. Another bonus was that the weather on Saturday was gorgeous, I think our last day of summer, but got the house nice and "company clean". Sunday was rainy and cool - actually wore clothes to church from fall/winter closet. I pull from that closet when the temp is below 65, I wear thinner clothing in that closet and don't usually break out sweaters unless the high is below 55. The week this week is going to be spring temps, today around 66 and the rest of the week around 75, pleasant. I should receive my check from the insurance this week and then get to pay some bills off - not enough to get me a car - gonna have to do it the old fashioned way. Get out of debt and then save. I think God is trying to teach me patience and to manage my money better. This week my favorite show starts back, American Horror Story. Do you watch it? The one thing I love about October is the horror movie galore :). How was your weekend? Gremlin starts his new daycare that my daughter refers to as the Day Spa - can't wait to see how that goes :) Have a great week!!
Below is casual Friday attire - meh

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