Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy 1 Year Blog

Whew, I'm struggling getting back in the swing of things Monday was a hectic day - it went by extremely quickly. Amazingly though all prepared for class. Today is one year that I started my blog. It  has been a wonderful experience, I have especially enjoyed reading other blogs and getting idea on fashion and it has helped my style to see pictures of outfits that I have put together. I intend to keep blogging this year hopefully continue to grow my personal style

I start a new one tonight - Quantitative Reasoning for Business <scrunch nose> I ate like a little pig last night for dinner -  will prob regret when I get on the scale :( I'm still on my home improvement high - it was so nice to come home to clean laundry room and nice office. My daughter and son-in-law came over to see all the work and we had done and shared a pizza. I really love seeing my daughter and spending time with her.  How is your week going so far?

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