Monday, February 20, 2012


Shiney blouse :)
I spent the weekend eating  everything sweet I could get my hands on. I blame this on the "funk" that Mr Man has that my body is trying to fight and the cycle. Needless to say I feel like I've put on some weight and that depresses me a tad bit. It has turned cold in Tn but the forecast shows it will be warming up a little over the week YAHHHH!! I gave my house a good disinfecting Saturday, it is always sooo nice to get up Sunday morning to a clean house :) Mr Man got rid of the dressers in my daughters old room and WOW I think I really like the minimilist look :) Really makes the room look larger HA Nothing really exciting happened over the weekend - kinda a humdrum but I like those kind of weekends too. Mr Man was sick so he just kinda floated through all weekend, not a whole lot of intereaction. Wish me luck on shedding my sweetfest before my weigh-in on Wednesday. Happy Monday, hope you have wonderful week!!

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