Monday, September 3, 2012

Insult to Injury

This has not been a good weekend at all. Friday afternoon I was hit head on by a group of teenage girls and really messed my car up and I am not feeling too well myself. I have had a headached for two days and slept the whole weekend. I'm taking a break from my school work right now to write this post but have to get a bunch crammed in today. Tomorrow I have to go get a rental and I'm worried that I did not get the GAP insurance and I am upside down in that vehicle and won't be able to get another one due to credit not that great and also having Mr Man's truck on my credit too as a co-signer. To add insult to injury, my mother is not speaking to me because right after the accident I found my phone and was trying to call my insurance company but not really knowing how to work my phone in that state mind I called my grandmother - so I just left a message on her machine about what happened and attempted to use my phone again to call insurance as I guess my coping mechanism is to try to control something. The ambulance got there, took my phone, and put me on a board and transported me to the hospital. I called my mother from the hospital once I was able to get my phone back (after x-rays and getting unstrapped from board) I told her I was okay and that I would call her when I got home that night. I did but  spoke to her husband and told him to tell her to call me the next day. The next day I get up, call her, she doesn't answer, I then go to facebook and see she is online and and im her asking her why she didn't answer. She got of facebook - then I get a message that says Call your Grandma. I just busted out crying, really? Later on, someone called me to ask me what the post about getting slapped in the face blah blah I'm done, and you know who you are "It's all about you". Then later I see she has posted "Amazing people know my phone number today, what part of I'm done don't you understand" all in caps. This has been going on my entire life - one minute she likes me, the next time I dial her number she has my number blocked. Both she and my youngest brother like to tell me it's all about me when they get mad at me over petty, silly things. I know the Bible says to respect your parents but at what cost? I think I am the one who is done, she has not called to see how I was or anything. WOW!!! What would you do? She took my tragedy and made it her tragedy. Plus, I wouldn't call her in a crisis because she is not strong - she falls apart and medicates herself (she prob doesn't remember talking to me at the hospital as she sounded medicated).

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  1. I am so sorry you are hurt, both by the accident and by your mother. It's hard to know what to say when I'm thinking her behavior is extremely selfish and self centered. I had a hard time with my mom. I always thought that mother was supposed to be the one on my side. It took me a long time to learn to mother me myself. I hope you feel better soon.