Monday, September 10, 2012

Another New Dress

So I was looking for a khaki skirt at Kohls and found this beauty and I couldn't resist. I love the one piece that looks like a two piece look. The weather this weekend was prefect - Mr Man and I are still not well so we didn't get to any wind therapy but I got to have the windows open all weekend and it was gorgeous. The weather gave me such a peace and I didn't really do much except school work and try to get my house back in order. My mother is speaking to me again and actually acting as if the drama never happened - (shrug shoulders) I will just let it go - perhaps people deal with stress differently and the stress got the better of her but honestly I don't like to fight with her. Her mother is today so I took her to Red Lobster yesterday for her b-day - she has never eaten lobster. It was a nice dinner and other than that just caught up on housework. Working from home again today - half day as I have an appt at one today. This wreck has really interfered with my schedule but I am extremely blessed to have an employer that is flexible and  a job that does allow me to work from home when needed. Keep me in your prayers that all of this works out and I end up with a decent car that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Have a great week!!!

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