Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to Normal - I hope

So the horrible weekend is past me. I hate to have to do it but working half day at home today so I can get some business taken care of. Gotta get my rental, get my belongings out of the old car, and wait to hear from the insurance. I also have school tonight so hoping to also have time to finish up some loose ends since I slept the entire weekend away with the horrible headache. At least I was able to function yesterday, the headache was not as intense but I do plan to call my primary doctor today as well.

The picture below the sun is peeping in my door - those pictures won't be happening long as it is no longer as light when I get up - BOOOO I really hate to see summer go. Did you have a good three day weekend? Would love to hear some happy stories!!! Have a great week.

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