Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morning Person

I have spoken many times of working from home and how I"m blessed that I can do this when I need to get things done or have an appt or bad weather. I prefer to be in the office with the people but one thing I do love about working from home is watching the house fill with light. I open the blinds and love how the sun peeps through the foyer on the lovely hardwood my son put down. I love how the sun floods the living in the room in the morning.

Since we redid the office it has become a comfortable place to work, I used to sit on the couch with the pc in my lap but this desk is so much better and the view isn't too bad. I shut the door and open the window and enjoy the best of both worlds. I am definitely a morning person. Do you prefer mornings or nights? These are few things that make me smile these days.

They are gone now but I sure loved seeing them when I pulled in the drive way

This has since been relocated to the front porch :)

My new comfy office (I know it's a little messy) but cozy. You can see I have my blankie and diet coke and my lap top from work - very productive in this space

My view out the window - soooo peaceful - listening to the birds

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