Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not Quite There

I'm not quite there yet but today am feeling somewhat better. I had a CAT scan yesterday which was normal and my doctor said that I have a concussion. My boss is the best in the world and tried to get me to take the rest of the week off but I opted to work from home instead. That way if  I get a headache I can go to my bed for a bit. I have gotten up this morning feeling pretty good though. I did get the news my car is totaled I am not surprised by that. A little bummed since I am upside down and fear that I won't be able to find out if I have the gap. The lien holders say they don't have any record of it and I left a message for the dealership but am not hopeful, I bought the vehicle 6 years ago. I just have to keep reminding myself I am not the one in control. Have faith, let go and let God. SMH that is soooo hard for me. Interesting enough this is the outfit I was wearing when I had my accident - different shoes and no jewelry. I find it amusing that the pics I am posting are actually in line with what I have been wearing. Full circle. :)  Have a great day!!

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