Monday, September 17, 2012

Cooler Temp Triggers

Cooler weather make me long for soups, chil, and we did have beans and cornbread and I made some banana bread. Love the ways that makes the house smell. Got to have the windows open again this weekend LOVE IT!!

I can't believe another weekend has blown past. The weather is cooling down in TN and we had some rain on Sunday. I am so disappointed that I am starting to gain weight again. I didn't make it to the Greenway again this weekend - I just don't feel like it. My doctor wants me to do physical theraphy three times a week <scrunch nose> I have to get back on track again.  I kinda like the pink and orange combo below, the blouse got out of shape on the first washing so I decided to put the little tank top underneath and I like the way it looks. Have a great week!!

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