Friday, September 21, 2012

Car Consumption

We made it!!! So first step done on getting my car paid off - my insurance check has been posted to my car account, now waiting to see what GAP does. Hopefully it get all paid. My master plan is to drive Mr Man's truck for a few months and let my car show paid and hopefully bring up my credit score. Pray I don't run over anything in that big goliath. I'm not worried so much about driving it, it's parking and having to back up.  I"m going to keep the rental until I HAVE to give it back - I have gotten used to driving the small car so hopefully I will get used to driving the big truck. This week has been pretty good but I am soooo ready for the weekend, nothing planned just ready to not have to get up so early. I have reverted back to my old eating habits and haven't gotten to work out much this week. Have to get back on track and try to get the Greenway in, at least walk it, not sure if I'm ready to run yet. Keep your fingers crossed that GAP pays me off :) Have a great weekend!!

My precious PRADA :) from Salvation Army LOL

I think green looks really good with these cool pants I found at JcPenney

I sure miss the sun shining in the mornings before I go to work

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