Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Math

so as you know <embarrassed grin> I had a melt down yesterday and woke up with the "mood" lingering on, then taking my picture dropped my camera and then couldn't get it to turn back on. I pouted and whined all day, you can ask my friend Kristine, about all my woes and my camera. Then Kristine says to me, well how old are the batteries?" Then it dawns me, "Hey.......I don't remember seeing the battery in it when I was trying to force it to come on" Soooooooo, guess what I find under my coffee table when I get home from work? The battery, amazing thing then happened after I put the battery in, my camera came back to life - it didn't die and I still have my beloved camera. Although, some of the pictures have been coming out blurry the last two, but I think I'm moving. This outfit was when the weather warmed up nicely and those pants, I swear looked thinner on me in the mirror. So anyhow, I think I have shaken the mood but need to get in a good work out. Thank you for putting up with me :) You are now entering into the upward movement of my roller coaster mood these days :) <My grandmother swears I need to take B6>

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