Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gorgeous Day

Wednesday was 65 degrees and sunny. I was sooo happy to see sunshine, my afternoon walk was FAB!! So I just need to get through today and tomorrow :)  I have agreed to log on to work for a couple of hours each day to do some reporting and answer any "hot" e-mails. I figure that is no big deal, treat it like reading the paper in the morning :) I am still ready to be off from work. My headaches and yucky feeling have finally subsided, perhaps I have been fighting off a bug. Knock on wood, but I have been very blessed to have a high immune system, I rarely get sick. Downside to that is that I don't understand sickness so I sometimes lack patience for loved ones that get sick, Mr Man, has the lowest immune system I have ever seen. Bless his heart, he lives with Nurse Ratchet :) How is your week going so far?

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