Thursday, December 29, 2011


I forgot to get a pic with the cool cord jacket that I put with this - went perfectly with my boots. Kristine, Lori, and I went on a Ross run and Kristine found the cord jacket that she said was perfect for me, and she was sooo right. I have to admit that blouse drove me crazy all day, the buttons kept popping open, good thing I had the scarf on or there could have been some embarrassing moments....

New Years is right around the corner, what kind of traditions do you do to bring in the New Year? My friend Kristine does some really cool things - she and her family have a picnic in the living room with board games and movies. Mr Man and I have gone to dinner and a movie in the past on New Years Eve, I was surprised to see how many people go to the movies during that time. Do you believe in any of the superstitions? My grandfather always insisted my grandmother make a pot a black eyed peas.

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