Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday= Sushi & Ross

Today is thankfully Friday... Kristine, Lori, and I are doing a Ross run ending with Pub lix sushi - YAAHHHHHH The weather is going to be FAB for walking on Sat and I can't wait to walk on the Greenway. My grandmother and I are going to her Mormon church to view their live nativity scene. I think that will be cool. The Christmas parade is also Sat night but I don't guess I'll get to go to that but that is okay :) I learned tonight in bible study another couple is getting a divorce. I keep hearing about all these couples getting a divorce and I am so saddened by that. Mr Man and I have lived together for 14 years = 2011-1998= oops nope make that 13 years :) and I have been talking to him about marriage as I do not like being the girlfriend at age 40 and well it just seems like after all this time it should have been completed. What are you thoughts on living together? Well.... have a great weekend and wish me luck in my Ross hunting :)

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  1. Happy Ross hunting !
    AND I personally think that men "get comfortable" as soon as one becomes the wife.