Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hyped Up on Cardio

December is shaping up to be a rainy one, last year was a rainy and gloomy winter - BAH HUMBUG I way overate my points this weekend and this rain is preventing me from getting to walk at work. I am making it to the gym but I am not having to fit 30 minutes of elliptical time at night - in between homework, kitchen cleaning, eating, and general house chores. The time has been falling around 8 and tonight about 8:40 pm, problem with that is that it's hard for me to wind down to get some sleep. All hyped up on cardio LOL I am blessed to have an elliptical at home though, courtesy of Mr Man a few years ago for Christmas.

This is on my favorite outfits - orange and brown (Stacey colors) LOL. You can tell when it's a rainy morning by if I have a scarf in my hair, unless it's close to hair color time, I also use them to cover up my gray :) How do you beat the winter blues? Do you work out at night or in the am?

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