Thursday, December 1, 2011

December? Already?

Man this year is breezing right on by. I can't believe it's now December, GEEZ I really do enjoy the holidays though. I love the lights and sounds of Christmas. This will be a slim Christmas for us as money is tight. I will just buy for my Shelley and her husband and Randall (after I consult Santa about his behaviour LOL). Funny thing is that I started to not put up  a tree this year, feeling sorry for myself, but then it dawned on me. Christmas is not a show of how well I am doing financially it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, and so I enjoy the lights and up went the tree and all my other decorations. You know what? I am soooo glad I have them up, it makes me feel happy. My family and I are going to bake each other gifts and I am kinda excited about that. So I will gathering ideas to make for my various family members :) What kind of traditions do you and your family have?
This is a repeat outfit - the weather has changed so it will look like I have all new clothes in my fall/winter clothes :)

My new precioooouuusss from UpperCase Living - a little egg to represent my two children, Shelley and Randall

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  1. is such a pretty necklace... and i think it's wonderful you are taking the time to actually celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, it's so commercial now
    that sometimes I wish I could just skip it ---