Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Watch This - GRRRRRR

So this sums up the mood I'm in in today. I have decided that for the year 2012 I am no longer going to be any ones door mat, unappreciated, and insignificant. Have you ever had a relationship where it finally dawns  hits you between the eyes that it's all about them, you are insignificant, and the other person is so self-absorbed that they don't even know you have feelings or care for that matter?  After all you were put on this Earth to serve them?! NOT!! The words for the day, "Watch this" Well, I must say that I now I will be focused even more intently on getting things aligned and then out of no where I will be saying to the superior ones, "Watch THIS"

<Deep Breath> Thank you for letting me vent - I feel liberated now to low growl :) So back to reality - back to work, blah blah. Hope you are having a better week than mine is starting out.....

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