Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Goal Evaluations

Jacket - Monroe & Main
Turtle neck - unknown
Jeans - Jessica London
Cloggers - Catos
Wow, this week has flown by, I can't believe it's already Friday and almost the end of 2011. So on my March 23, 2011 post I shared with you my goals for 2011:

So January 1, 2011 I said I would:
1) Get of debt
2) Finish BA and start MBA
3) Get Real Estate License
4) Lose weight - 52 lbs to be exact
5) Keep  fixing up the house
6) Continue self improvement/style improvement
7) Become involved in more activities
8) Organize work and become more efficient
9) Be a better person
10) Get breast  implants - for my 40th b-day
So let's see how I did:
1) nope all my "master plans" fell through- this will be number one again on the 2012 list
2) completed - BA in hand and MBA started
3) Nope - must have money to start venture number 1 stopped this one - adding to 2012 but most likely 2013 when finished with MBA
4) almost - wanted to loose 52 lbs but was 20 lbs short - adding to 2012 list for the last 20 lbs
5) still working on - UpperCase Living and light fixtures help complete - add to 2012
6) yes - looking at this past years pictures I can see a difference - reading my fellow bloggers help with this - added again to 2012
7) mmmm I do attend more functions and I joined Bible Study - not sure this will make 2012 as not sure it really adds value
8) Always a WIP adding to 2012
9) Depends on my mood - adding to 2012 :)
10) nope but still want them that stupid number 1 GRRRR

Are you going to do a list for 2012? Did you complete your list for 2011? Since I don't blog on the weekend, I wish you a Happy and Safe New Year.... I will be thinking of my complete list for 2012...until then SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!!


  1. I think you did quite well to be honest AND YOU HAVE THE drive to make it happen in 2012!