Monday, December 5, 2011

Culture Fascinating - Are we women that different?

Wow, another weekend blew by.... The weather Sat was gorgeous - went to the Greenway  and then later that afternoon went with my grandmother to her church, the Latter Day Saints, to a Nativity Festival, it was the neatest thing. I will share the pics on Wednesday. There were some neat things there. I am fascinated with other cultures, especially German. I am a boring, plain Jane American girl, my heritage is Irish/Cherokee Indian on my mothers side and I believe more Cherokee and Dutch on my father's side. I did visit Germany when I was around 2 years old but unfortunately do not remember any of it. The thing that fascinates me, and remember this is only through research so if you are German and I get it wrong, please don't hate. Per my research, Germans are a no nonsense and do business to the point. Mr Man's mother was German and he told me that German go to school and also learn a trade, I haven't understood how they pick the trade for the child, for instance, sewing would not have been a good trade for me since I can't cut a straight line..... I didn't get to meet Mr Man's mother as she passed away a few years before I met him. I often wonder if she would have approved of me, but he tells me of summers spent on the beaches of Italy and beautiful nature that he was surrounded by at his Oma's and the pastries she would make for him for breakfast with homemade hot chocolate.

Well me, I was here in America, playing in the yard with my two brothers while he frolicked on an Italian beach and ate freshly caught shell fish.....uuuuummmmmm, no comparison,  yet his mother wanted to make sure that her sons were raised in America. Don't get me wrong, I am not ungrateful, well okay, I must be a little for coveting  his childhood, but I wonder would it had been so different to grow up somewhere besides America?  Are American women that much different from German, Russian, or any other cultures (besides the middle east, I know the women are oppressed there)? Do we think that much differently? What do you think?

Blouse - Catos
Capris - Goodies
Boots - Monroe and Main
Can you see Heathen sitting behind me? :)

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