Friday, August 31, 2012

Love at First Sight

This is my new dress courtesy of JcPenney. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!  I was disappointed at first with the material - cottony but it actually felt pretty good on. I couldn't decide which shoes I liked best with it and the mirror wasn't decided to take a picture of both to see how they looked. Another advantage to blogging :)

The first pair was that FAB pair I found at Kohl's

The second pair and the pair that I had planned to wear with the dress upon ordering are the orange mules I got at Monroe & Main

I ended up choosing the Kohl's pair, the higher heel looks better in my opinion. Aren't those color the BEST ever on this dress? I fell in love at first sight. <sigh>

Have a three day weekend that I have no plans at all, I hear it's going to be rainy GRRRR but if it's not raining gonna go run tomorrow before my hair appt. I can't wait to cover up my "off blonde" :) Hoping to get in some wind therapy too during the weekend. My knee is just about healed, keep your fingers crossed that I don't re-injure it. tsk tsk sure does suck getting older and feeling the same as your younger version.

Have a great weekend and farewell August!!!!

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