Friday, September 13, 2013


My daughter learned more details of the things those two ladies were doing to the babies - tying a burping cloth around their heads and mouth in order to keep the pacifiers in the mouth, smacking the babies hands, picking them up by their arms, roughly dropping them in the cribs. I am so shocked that anyone could do this to a baby. My daughter found a day care yesterday that she fell in love with but Gremlin cannot get in until November so my son-in-law is filling out the application and for a the church that was a second runner up initially when my daughter was interviewing and researching day care. I am excited; however, that I have been asked to keep him a couple of hours today - all by myself - my son-in-law has a meeting at 10 and my daughter cannot get off until 12 - soooo, I get to go keep him from 10 - 12. I'm a little nervous, haven't really been around little ones but he is sooo sweet that I cannot wait to see him. Wish me luck. No big plans for the weekend - Hope you have a great weekend!!

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