Thursday, September 5, 2013


I love the below skirt that my grandmother gave me. I think it is the perfect length and I feel very pretty with it on. The blouse I found at a yard sale and love the colors. I am not really crazy about how the shoes I chose look but I still might be them together again but I think the higher black look better. Tonight Mr. Man and Richard are going to see Iron Maiden. For some reason, my tickets were "ticket less" so they have to get in with my credit card - I have given Mr. Man my card, I hope they don't ask for ID. I am staying in Nashville just in case, fingers crossed I don't have to try to get that big truck downtown. I think "ticket less" is dumb and hope I never have to do that again. Good thing is that since I have stay in Nashville until he gets in the venue, I can go visit with Gremlin :)


  1. I also love the top you are wearing. Great colors. And it looks great on you.