Monday, September 30, 2013

Pearls and Pink

In my opinion, pearls and pinks go hand-in-hand, I love the way they look together. This will look FAB with those new capris my gma got me (those chocolate with pink/red pinstripe). I have sooo many things I can put with them. I also love how this shrug is matching a more than just one piece in my closet.
My newest wants are a red skirt and some colored pants - REALLY stepping out of my comfort zone. I usually shy away from colored pants because of the humps, I mean hips that I inherited in my gene pool. I can honestly say I haven't actually tried a pair on since I lost some of the will be on my agenda of buys should any extra money come my way. I didn't feel that great all weekend so it is almost like it never happened. Hope the week goes by quickly and painlessly.