Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finally Fits

I bought the below suit at a yard sale several years ago - I have not been able to wear the skirt but have used the jacket with a few different outfits - I am pleased to say that I can finally fit in the skirt - it's a little snug around the thighs (go figure, right?). I really enjoyed my three days off from work. The weather cooperated for the most part - rained early Sunday morning and was cloudy. I was invited to my friend Susie's house both Saturday and Sunday - and they fed me sooo well :) She and her husband both are fabulous cooks. I realized Sunday night that my inner circle of friends are ALL really good cooks...I sound a little strategic in my selection of friends - since I just happen to be a huge foodie :) I must say - God has been really good to me and life is wonderful - I still have financial problems and other issues that burden me - but those things are not important. I believe the important thing is that I am surrounded by people I love and that love me. How was your weekend? Hope you have  a great week!!

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